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At-Home Learning

Preschool plan 2021-2022

Please take a chance to read through our 2021-2022 plan and the outlines below for all preschool classrooms!

We are excited to work with our students and their families to keep everyone safe and continue providing high-quality programming.






At-Home Learning                                   


                                                                                                                                                                                       A message from our CP Rochester staff to their students:



Our stellar CP Rochester staff wanted to make sure our families

had the resources they needed to have some fun, active, educational

learning at home. 



Art Links:


                 Crayola                                             Printable Activities


Exercise Links:


        Cosmic Kids Yoga                                        Good Night Yoga



  Brown Bear Storytime Yoga                                      Go Noodle


Learning Links:


       PBS Learning Media                                         ABC Mouse



    Scholastic Learn At Home                       Calendar Activity - Kindness



Calendar Activity - Friendliness                 Calendar Activity - Community                                                                                                 Helpers



            Starfall Activities                                             NASA at Home



             Time For Kids                                 DreamScape Reading Games



            Highlights Kids                                          Storyline Online



Fine Motor Activities:

❖ Use spray bottle to clean table, windows, chairs, etc.

❖ Have the child help in the kitchen: Stir thick batter, knead and roll pizza dough, use rolling pin.

❖ Peel stickers

❖ Use a sponge to wipe down surfaces or bowls/dishes

❖ Push/pull laundry basket

❖ Use hands/fingers to pull apart/roll out/ball up playdough, putty or floam.

❖ Rip, tear and crumple paper (all different sizes and thickness); make it into a game like crumpling paper and throwing it in the trashcan or having a “snowball” fight.

❖ Snip/cut various materials with scissors – straws, cards, paper plates, grass/plants, play dough, licorice laces, string cheese, French fries

❖ Pop plastic popping bubbles

❖ Use tongs or tweezers to pick up small items (e.g. cotton balls) and place them in a cup or bowl

❖ Play with finger puppets to encourage finger isolation

❖ Coloring- it’s even better when done on a vertical surface or, if comfortable, on hands and knees on the floor for additional strengthening

❖ Pinch clothespins (hang clothes, pictures up on a line or pick up small cotton balls)

❖ Push/pull apart legos

❖ Pull apart Velcro

❖ Mr. Potato Head

❖ Hole punchers

❖ Pulling tape off the roll, or peeling off of a surface

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