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Early Intervention

Diane Kozar, Vice President, Children’s Programs and Clinic
585-334-6000 x1250

CP Rochester’s Augustin Children’s Center provides early intervention services such as special education, speech, social work, and occupational/physical therapy to children with a wide range of disabilities from birth to age three. Parents, teachers, and therapists work together to create individual plans for each child.


Special Education: Our special education teachers use targeted games, activities, and play techniques to help children engage in the world around them.

Speech Therapy: Speech therapists use sign language, vocabulary development, and articulation training to help children build communication skills. They also work with children with eating and swallowing difficulties.

Physical Therapy: Physical therapy allows children to work on muscle strength, coordination, flexibility, and mobility. Our warm water pool (94 degrees) helps children achieve maximum range of motion while building core strength, tone, and balance. Plus, it’s fun!

Occupational Therapy: Occupational therapy helps develop the skills necessary to be successful in fine motor, self-help, and sensory skills. This may include activities such as feeding and dressing, manipulating toys, pre-writing, and being able to take in and respond appropriately to stimuli in the environment.

Home/Community Services: In order to best support families and understand how children interact with their home environment, therapists, teachers, and parents work as a team providing services at home, daycare, and other community settings.

Developmental Group Services: CP Rochester’s Augustin Children’s Center provides a ‘group experience’ which offers a wonderful opportunity for two-year olds to receive special instruction and related services at the Center. This allows the children to take advantage of the pool, playground, therapy equipment, and services available at our convenient location.

Family Services: One of the important goals of early intervention is working with the entire family for the benefit of the child. All parents are offered the opportunity to participate in the Augustin Children’s Center’s monthly parent Support Group as well as individual counseling sessions to help manage challenges. A master’s level social worker helps families access other needed community programs and resources.

CP Rochester’s Early Intervention Program is funded through New York State and Monroe County for children under the age of three who have an eligible diagnosis or developmental delay. To determine your child’s eligibility, contact the Monroe County Early Intervention Program at 585-753-5437. Eligibility will be determined by a NYS-approved evaluator contracted by Monroe County. If your child is eligible, services will be implemented at no cost to you.













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