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Horseback Riding Volunteer

Volunteers Needed for Recreational Horseback Riding!

Horseback riding is an activity that is therapeutic! The rhythmic gait of the horse helps increase the rider’s core strength and flexibility while promoting balance and coordination. This activity can also address sensory needs, resulting in a calming experience for the rider.

Many of our students have been riding for years and are working toward increased independence. They also have the opportunity to groom the horse and learn about how to care for them. Overall, horseback riding is a wonderful program which promotes increased self-confidence and self-esteem for the individual.

Job Purpose and Primary Duties
Volunteers needed for a recreational riding program for individuals ages 10-16 who have a developmental disability. We are looking for volunteers 13 years old and older to support the riders by assisting with activities, leading the horse, or side-walking.
For more information, contact:
Tina Bennett
585.334.6000 ext. 1321