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Children Services

Gary and Craig Johnson were born weighing just over a pound each and faced many struggles. After a few months in CP Rochester’s Early Intervention program, Gary graduated but Craig was diagnosed with a form of Cerebral Palsy. They both transitioned to the Augustin Children’s Center preschool and experienced vast growth. Craig is now running alongside Gary and will be able to participate in sports. Gary, who was quite shy, has gained confidence when socializing with other children and can interact with adults. Gary and Craig have the skills needed to face their next transition – kindergarten. CP Rochester was a two year journey for these boys, but their friendships and experience will remain for a lifetime.

“CP Rochester has been essential in helping my sons gain confidence and crucial skills all the while providing our whole family with support during the past two years and transition into Kindergarten.” Tracie Johnson, mother





 Click below to view the 2017 Augustin Children's Center Graduation Videos!


Preschool Classes - Morning Session


Preschool Classes - Afternoon Session


Children Services