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Accessible Home Renovations

Contact: Accessible Home Renovations Manager
Phone:  (585) 334-6000 ext. 1223

Seven-year-old Todd loves music, the outdoors and “rough-housing” with his dad. He was diagnosed with global developmental delays and Pallister Killian Syndrome which causes lack of control of the upper body. Todd’s parents have been strong advocates for their youngest son, ensuring that he lives his life to its fullest.

The family home spans three levels and as Todd has grown it has become apparent that carrying this big boy up and down the stairs would soon become difficult and unsafe. They faced the possibility of having to move out of the home that they loved but even after exploring alternatives it was clear that no matter where they lived, modifications would have to be made.
The family sought out the expertise of CP Rochester’s Occupational Therapists and Assistive Technology Coordinator at our Assistive Technology Resource Apartment. After an extensive evaluation they recommended a ceiling track to move Todd from bedroom to bathroom with a special chair to facilitate toileting and bathing.  It was also decided that a three-stop elevator was the best solution for moving Todd up and down their three-floor home. With this complex construction project completed through CP Rochester’s Accessible Home Renovations, the family feels liberated.

Todd’s mother, Sally, was very concerned for her son’s safety as well as the possibility of injury to caregivers continually lifting and maneuvering Todd. Now the whole family can be together in every part of their house and play in their beautiful back yard without concerns about the difficulty of transporting their son.

CP Rochester has over 12 years of experience providing home modifications to the homes of individuals with physical and developmental disabilities. These adaptations have been designed to provide a safer, more usable environment, thus maximizing independence and enabling individuals who have developmental and other disabilities, or who are elderly and frail, to continue living in the home and neighborhood of their choice.  

In addition to home renovations, CP Rochester also employs an Adaptive Technology Resource Apartment (ATRA) team. This team of Occupational and Physical Therapists is available to provide assessment of the individual’s needs for changes within the home. The team ensures that the program is clinically based and provides individuals the opportunity to access the most current technology in designing changes to the home environment that better meet their needs  

Accessible Home Renovations employs individuals who are Certified Aging in Place Specialists. These professionals have received this designation from the National Home Builders Association. They have completed training designed to enhance technical, business management and customer service skills needed to effectively provide renovations to the homes of individuals who wish to age in place. The Certified Aging in Place Specialist (CAPS) designation denotes a commitment to assist individuals remaining in their home safely, independently and comfortably regardless of their age, income or level of ability. The CAPS designer has studied the aging in place market and is familiar with the needs of these individuals.

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